Indulge into senses, involve in nature, get to know architecture.


1. The first time I was walking from the airplane gate to the airport (no shuttle bus or a sleeve)

2. NOT a budget travel. Although the country is poor, it is extremely expensive for tourists. Siem Reap is famous for its Angkor temples, where the 3 day pass costs 62 US$. 

3. Angkor temples were built in 12th century for a king and reined the biggest industrial city at that time. 

4. I advise you to take 3- day pass to see the main temples.



5. You will have to spend money on arrival visa (35$US) + 20$US Tuk tuk (motorcycle with a wagon, there is no other ways to get to temples) + ticket To temples

6. The main currency is US dollars

7. Regularly more than 1mil US$ collected from tourism, however almost no money stays in Cambodia. The travel companies are owned by Vietnam, Korea or Thailand.

8. It was not one of the cheapest trips, but it was unforgettable. Angkor temples remain the largest empire of 12th century preserved in its original state. Since the time, when each stone was carried by king's servant. 
Every temple is different and made me go through the jungles, lakes and hills🌲🌴🌊.

9. It gets very (tropically) hot. So the best time to get there is from 7am -11am and 3pm-5pm. You will be constantly climbing 🙌🏻🤗

10. Go beyond. The next time when you book your flight to New York/Miami, reconsider your options and see the world 🌎😉.