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How to get to machu Pichu

2 types of routes: Cusco- Aguas Calientes (town at the bottom of Machu Pichu)
1. Train (Inca and Peru rail are the only ones and pricey 80-100US$ one way)
2. Train and bus (also not cheap, you can take train half way and then van share (you share a van with other ppl , but have to wait until it's full)) In any way, you will spend around $150-200 return.


Train Ticket Types

1. Peru Rail - Vistadome type (middle price) features snacks (cookies), hot tea and live dance Peruvian performance. And additional view from the ceiling window (pictures below).
Expedition Type has only regular windows and no snack or entertainment.
The train will take you to the town called Aguas Calientes (hot springs) which is the only thing to do there. In any case, I loved the atmosphere of the city and its friendliness!

2. Inca Rail, both THE VOYAGER and 360 provides with a snack & hot beverage.

360 also have ceiling windows and performance.

You will arrive to Aguas Calientes at around 12-2pm so the Machu Picchu will be only possible to do next day. You can easily spend up to 4 hours or more (if you buy pass to the mountain) exploring this incredible historic city.



We bought the ticket with the climb to Huyana Pichu.... And we never actually made it to the mountain. The fun thing is you can walk up to the Sun gate (around 30 min walk one way from the centre of Machu Picchu) and from there, you will see picturestique view of Old Incan city from the top... And for free.

Machu Pichu ticket has to be PRE-BOOKED (1 month in advance), especially if you also want to climb the mountain (costs a bit more,however it gives you the opportunity to re-enter MP). Re-entrance could be very useful if you... Let's say you want to use a bathroom. I can't imagine to have 4 hours without itπŸ˜„ (there isn't one in MP). To get to MP from Aguas Calientes,



is 30$ roundtrip and takes 20min one way. You can take the bus up to 20min before the entrance on your MP ticket, you will have to line up.
We took the bus and never regretted it. There is so much walking involved in MP that even I (vivid hiker) was tired!
In any case, take water and lunch with you, so you can enjoy the Incan Sun gate with tummy happiness ;)


When you buy your ticket to MP, you have to enter within an hour of the entrance time and hike in the morning or you will get fried in +23 on an uphill climb.

- walking will take 1,5h from Aguas Calientes to MP. The road crosses the highway and includes lots of stairs through the forests and clouds ;) hard and time consuming but rewarding