This town is haunted 

Do you recall these movies such as Silent Hill,where on one hand a town is very welcoming but once you are there you feel like not everything is aright? 

Kingsville. Charming and tiny. Little do you know about the hidden mysteries reign in the air...

Lots of landscapes, captured motions and portraits are hanging on these walls. There is a rumour going around that one of such holds the spirit of the dead princess, shall it be a reason of a such proofing fondness of Merlis? or the fact that the menu offers hummus and salad, but no fish....? Or might it be a spices of an aroma chai that spill a spell of unawareness?


"Can you hear this sound?"- I asked timidly. There seemed to be no alive soul around, late hour, 12 am and no traffic. However, apparently someone had a joy of dancing. The sounds were coming out of the old library right on the edge of the town. Even Chuckwagon restaurant with a perfectly well-cooked eggs and buttermilk pancakes served for breakfast, stayed surprisingly quiet. While cautiously approaching the ramshackle library's doors, my attention got drawn to an odd structure across the road. Apparently, a bar Shakers Music Lounge, the bright lights and a lingering melody prompted a tune of 80s.