Before You Get Any Older

Embrace the life with your SOULMATES who will push you to question your boundaries. That’s called Happy Place.

Must do’s:

  1. Borobodur


 As Montreal to Canada, so Yogyakarta is to Indonesia.

The cultural hub of art, unique development and unforgettable community. 


Every stupa protects buddha.

Half of the temple was recovered and preserved by UNESCO heritage, who in the process of restoration left some stupas uncovered for tourists to wonder of buddha's postures.

The ideal structure and division of base corresponds to the conception of the Universe. 


the largest Buddhist temple in the world! Absolutely unique stop-point in my Jawa Island journey. Only ifyou travel smart, you will be fascinated by the views and magical aura.  Wondering How? 

Arrive by 6am (5-6am is the sunrise time, but be aware of fog, so CHECK the weather a day before) That gives you enough time till 9am when tourists start to pace up like a military convoy.

Buddhism was a path to reaching Nirvana, not a religion.
— Buddha

2. Coffee Luwak

This exclusive coffee is made from the poops of animal called Luwak.

The cup of coffee ranges from 15-40$ a cup and considered to be of the highest quality.

This is because Luwak picks only good quality coffee beans and then eats it.


3. Stay at a little PALACE, own room, pool, buffet breakfast  = 20 CAD a night, "The Grand Palace Hotel" 

The Grand Palace Hotel

The Grand Palace Hotel



 4. Eat at VEGEterian "Milas" .  Everything from meat substitution (traditional Indonesian option) to organic Matcha+ veggies smoothie. Free shelled peanuts before the meal and lots of other Indonesian dishes. Yummy!

Jogja is the local name, and usually to be referred by.