Is surreal little town situated on the water, and you would not probably see anything like it! There is a big probability if you have a long flight through Europe, you will have as well long stopover in Venice (6-8h). So how can you use this time to see the most of Venice?

Your ultimate guide to Venice in 6 hours

Baggage Station in front of this cathedral

Baggage Station in front of this cathedral

Marco Polo or treviso

Make sure you know your airport of arrival, MP is 30 min away from the city centre whereas Treviso is 1h (usually budget airlines: EasyJet & Ryanair).

MP is relatively easy to be transferred from, and you save up buying tickets in advance online. Treviso return ticket costs 21euros and will drop you off at central bus station (15 min walk from the main sights). The fastest bus is Barzi as it takes highway, however consider the schedule. ATVO is more frequent bus, but will take 20-30 min longer.

There is a baggage drop off station at Bus station and Railway station, for 5 euros you can keep your luggage there for the whole day. No luggage storage at Treviso airport, but there is one at Marco Polo.

In Treviso, there are only 2 cafes and lots of people, therefore don’t advise to arrive early before the next flight.


Please be advised, that there are limited bridges to the mainland, therefore if you want to cross earlier you would have to take a water ferry. The most famous one is Rialto Bridge and is the closest to St Marc Square, shopping mall and beautiful restaurants with a water view.

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Rooftop view

Instead of paying 10 euros on St Marc square, you can enjoy the view for free from the rooftop terrace of luxurious boutique- T Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS. The view is stunning and you can enjoy a cup of tea in a beautiful surroundings of the architectural design of the mall on the ground floor.


Breakfast with a water view

The breakfast can be found at Ristorante Florida with a beautiful view of canal, gondoliers and Rialto Bridge. The price is reasonable - 8 euros for scrambled eggs, salad and bacon. I would not advise to have lunch or dinner here, because the water restaurants are not the best for the gourmet food , rather the view and breakfast.


St marc square

Is unmissable place with gorgeous church that overcomes any exception of posh and lavish architecture.

  • The annual festival in March takes place here.

  • Photo spot with lots of pigeons

  • Near the widest canal of Venice

  • But, not many coffewhops/restaurants with quiet atmosphere, due to numerous tourists.


Libreria Acqua Alta Bookstore

Had you ever dreamed of reading Heaminguway’s book with a view of a gondolier passing by? That’s the spot. To save books from water damage, they keep it in bathtubs


get lost in ventian streets

…and BE ON TIME! for your next departure. It seems to easy navigate at first sight, but

  • It is hard to run through many people! The streets are narrow with hard walkability

  • Some of the bridges are closed or inaccessible and it takes another 10-15 min to make your way to another bridge.

  • Don’t get me wrong, if you take your time, the streets are charming, colourful and magical. Get LOST! that’s the only way to find these “serene“ magical alleys.


Gondola ride / murano glass / gelato

Gondola Ride reality: Expensive and timely, If you have limited time - walk. You can’t imagine how interesting it is to explore the town on the water and to look for small passages and bridges. More fun than waiting to disembark.

  • During the nighttime, it’s relaxing and rewarding with a view of starry sky.

Murano Glass: I advice to see the “secret“ making of Venetian Glass, beautiful and interesting process of melting and sculpturing the glass. The price for the sculpture itself, however is quite steep :)

Gelato: Get as much as you can!

  • Find local producers such as Alaska Gelateria and Boutique del Gelato.The price and taste difference would be significant and you might get more smiles :) Avoid buying Gelato on main squares, as the quality of long-day open ice cream containers is not high.

  • Try Ice Cream and Sorbet (juicy & fruity without cream) in Gelato Fantasy (dairy-free).

  • Go on Gondola Night Ride to relax your tummy and regain strength… for the next Gelato Day!